Stand Up Pouches

Welcome to stand up pouches! We begun manufacturing packaging materials in 1980.We are now the world’s largest stock holder of unprinted stand up pouches of many different sizes and colors. Utilizing the latest equipment, we are able to manufacture the highest quality rotogravure printed and unprinted stand up pouches worldwide. Our stand up pouches are food safe.

We stock stand up pouches in many different colors. All the colors of stand up pouches we manufacture are shown below in colored pictures is available in stock ready to dispatch.

stand up pouches will be delivered anywhere in world by DHL or FedEx courier maximum within 7 working days from the date of order. 



stand up pouches

27/05/2011 11:39
 We are one of the leading stockiest and manufacturer of various type of stand Up Pouches. We supply our standup pouches to various countries like USA, Australia, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Guatemala, Canada, New Zealand, spain, and many more...!   We believe that nothing is better than Quality and that too ON-TIME. Our stand up pouches are special and we do take care of the...

Biodegradable Bags

27/05/2011 12:07
 Hi friends! I am here to tell you about biodegradable packaging or biodegradable bags!! Word biodegradable is something sounds wow.   Now there is an increasing demand for biodegradable bags especially for consumer packaging due to serious environmental concerns. Lots of customers pay more money if the product is packed in biodegradable bags. The customer now thinks we should give...

Zipper Pouch

27/05/2011 12:57
 PET the word itself makes me feel affectionate.  Pet  food may be Dog Food, Cat Food, bird seeds or any other pet food I choose the quality where the manufacture have taken fully care of pet food packaging while producing it. I have visited many manufacture/producer/contract pet food packaging companies to see what sort of quality policy they adopt to manufacture, are they...

Paper Bags

01/06/2011 11:44
 We require some type of packaging to pack any product. There are so many options available like paper bags, plastic bags, cotton bags, tote bags, plastic woven bags etc…   Since the customer has realized about saving of environment there is going on increasing demand on biodegradable, compostable and eco friendly packaging products. There is lots of option available in these types of...

Plastic Bags

01/06/2011 11:45
 Visit any Shopping mall, Grocery Store, Garment Store, food packaging companies or normal store you will find many types of plastic bags. Buy food items packing is in plastic bags, Buy Liquid Food Item packing in Plastic Bottles. The manufacturer are least bother about the Nature, they are only bothered about making more and more profits in business.   The Government of most countries...